In 1961 under an ordinance promulgated by the then government of west Pakistan vide law department notification No: Log.3 (8)/61 dated: 22-04-1961, the Rawalpindi & Hazara Hill tract Improvement Trust was created and assigned the responsibility to develop the abandoned cantt: of Ghoradhakka, Khanspur, Changla Gali and Khaira Gali into hill resorts. Ayubia comprising of three townships viz. Ghoradhakka / Khanspur Changla Gali and Khaira Gali were taken over by the Trust for its development in 1962/63. The notified area committee of Nathiagali handed over the administrative control of Nathiagali and Dongagali in the year 1970. Later on the Provincial Govt. transferred the Thandiani Township to the Galiyat Development Authority as well.   Creation of GDA   The Galiyat Development Authority was established on 8th June 1999 as a succession body of Hazara Hill Tract Improvement Trust under GDA act of 1996.

Conduct of Business

  • According to the GDA act 1996 the affairs of the Authority is governed by the Board of Authority.
  • Chapter I & II of the act relates to constitution and establishment of the Authority and Chapter III relates to power and function of the Authority as well chapter IV and V relates to appointment of DG and his executive powers to conduct the daily business of authority.
  • GDA building Bye-laws were approved by District Government Abbottabad during 2003. Later on in a meeting of the board of authority held on 14-05-2007, a committee under the supervision of Secretary Local Govt: was constituted to reframe and amend the GDA bye laws and preparation of Bye Laws are near completion which will very shortly be placed before the committee.

Present Status

  • Upon devolution plan while pending the repeal of GDA act. The GDA was devolved under the District Government. But in September 2004 vide a notification bearing no. AO-LG/LCB/5-58/2004, dated 21.09.2004 the provincial government reconstituted the GDA as Provincial Autonomous body / entity.
  • Later on the limits / sphere of activities of GDA have extended by provincial Government vide Notification No. C/SADC/PEND/31/2000 dated 30.03.2000 to the extent of Qanoongo Circle Lora, Bagan and Bekot


  • The basic aim to establish the authority was to provide infrastructural and civic facilities such as water supply draining waste management, roads, street lights, parking and development of parks in the entire Galiyat townships beside planning / zoning of unplanned area in to new resorts / township schemes.
  • To levy and collect taxes.
  • To sell, lease, exchange or dispose off any property vested in it.
  • To exercise and control building regulation through BCA and building bye-laws.
  • Tourism infrastructure development.
  • To under take any other functions which provincial government may assign to it.