Meranjani is the highest hill of Galiyat at 9816feet above sea level approximately. Two treks to the Meranjani Hill Top starts from the same point in Nathia Gali near down and the below famous Governor House, one of the beautiful English rule establishments in Galiyat. One trek takes you in semi-circle around Meranjani slowly ascending towards the top through a hill village Namlimera, displaying the style of a hill village culture. This is a very easy and safe trek for families venturing to the top, however it takes a little longer time.

The second takes you spirally up through the low ascending hills in the forest towards the top. This trek is little hard as you gain height at every step and almost at the angle of 60 to 65 degrees near the top as you start the last stretch of the trek. This trek is suitable for young ones above 12 years of age and adults up to 45 years with sound health. There is no water available on this trek so one must take water.

Start Point: Nathia Gali

End Point: Meranjani Top

Distance: 8 km


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