This is longest and most beautiful trek of Galiyat. Also known as Dugri Trek, this is a sequel of Meranjani Top trek. Dugri is one of the most dense pine forest reserve in Galiyat and is know by the name (home of Leapords) as the place is quite isolated from the populated road access areas in Galiyat. The popular places on this trek are Meranjani Top, Dugri and Beran Gali. The trekkers can start from Nathia Gali reach Meranjani Top using any of the two available treks and continue trekking through the forest towards Dugri rest house (bungalow) which could be seen clearly from Meranajani Top. It is one full day trekking (approximately 13.5 km) via Meranjani trek staring from governor house Nathia Gali to reach Dugri rest house. From Dugri rest house it is another 6 to 8 hours of trekking (approximately 13 km) to reach Beran Gali and then 4-6 hours of trekking (approximately 10 km) from Beran Gali to reach Nathia Gali. Total trekking takes two day and one night to reach Thandiani. This trek is only advisable for pople with some good exprience of trekking and camping. This is a hard and long trek and water is not available on the trek so it is recommended to take good amount of water on trek. Starting walk at 0800 hours is advisable in day light.
It is also advised not to go outside the rest house after sunset. You can take along some cooked food. Tablets of fever, headache and digestive pills must be taken along.


Start Point: Nathia Gali

End Point: Thandiani

Distance: 36.5 km

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